About Serdar

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Serdar Kabul is one of the most trusted business broker in New Zealand. He has gained a stellar reputation in a short span of time. He is an accomplished businessperson with extensive experience in the industry.


His extensive experience in the brokerage business allows him to appraise different types of businesses, including manufacturing, import/export, service, IT,  retail, and more.

Serdar Kabul has a bachelor’s degree in engineering, as well as years of practical experience owning and selling businesses. Throughout his professional journey, he has established various import and distribution businesses from the ground up. He also sold those businesses in New Zealand.

Serdar Kabul is uniquely qualified in the field of service and retail having worked in the marketing department of an established overseas company. This way, he was able to gain a lot of insight into its functioning. Due to that business’ 500 retail stores, Serdar Kabul’s exposure to the large operation is extensive.


His experience doesn’t end there. He also worked at a holiday resort and managed a team of 60 personnel. Therefore, he knows that employees are the backbone of any company. This ensures that when Serdar Kabul values your business, he will take into account the manpower you employ.

When it comes to selling a business in Auckland or anywhere in New Zealand, you are in safe hands with Serdar. He has been where you are standing multiple times. Serdar’s well-rounded experience in the fields of business, service,  retail, import and distribution, engineering and franchise makes him stand apart from other business brokers.

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Selling a business is not only about numbers. It is also about appraising a business for what it can become in the right hands. We care about the idea and the people behind a business, and recognize potential not just in the product or the services, but the workforce and the business model as well.

Serdar Kabul specialises in the sale of businesses valued at $100,000 to $10 million. Whether you have a small or a medium size business, we are the ones to call. We will ensure that you get a great deal by taking into account the value that your company brings to the table. 

We are committed to selling your business at the best value so that you get the peace of mind you need.