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How to Open an Ice-Cream Parlor

Everybody loves ice cream. There’s no one with a heart and soul who doesn’t like a lick of chocolate, vanilla, strawberry or anyone of their favorite flavors. It’s always a pleasure getting some soft serve after you’ve had dinner. That’s why there are places around the world where you can get the best type of ice cream and nothing else. And it’s no surprise that more of them pop up every day. Just in case you’re thinking of starting your own business in the ice cream trade, here are a few tips to remember.

Register your Business

Don’t go in to this thinking this is the roaring twenties where you can just open an ice cream parlor and go about your business. You need to get your business certified with the public accountant and one who is experienced in this sort of thing. Your business may be registered as a sole proprietorship or a limited liability company etc.

You should also meet with the commercial insurance agent and obtain a functioning business license from the county or council’s office. You should ask about all relevant permits and contact the Government Department of Revenue about any sales tax you’ll need to pay once the business hits the ground running.

Have a Look at the Competition

You should scout the best sort of ice cream available around your area. If you go in with the mindset that you’re going to crush the competition, that’s a good thing, but it can also lead to overconfidence and hubris. Better to scout out your competition and be sure about your strengths and weaknesses when compared to their business.

Get an Accessible Location

“Location, location, location,” is a phrase that stays relevant to this day because of its potency and truth. People just want to go to a nice restaurant after a hard day’s work without it being a chore. That’s why so many people think over going to their local ice cream place or deli instead of heading out to eat at the fanciest restaurant across town. It should be the same for your ice cream parlor since you’re targeting almost everyone in the area who wants a cold soft serve cup at night or in those warm afternoons.

Find Enthusiastic Staff

You should be wary of the staff that you hire. It’s an ice cream parlor after all, a place that kids visit most often. There should be an atmosphere of positivity and liveliness, not dullness or dreariness. Hence, it’s a good idea to get some people that can brighten up a room or meet customers enthusiastically.

Get a Reliable Supplier

Whether its summer or winter, day or night, you can be sure that people want ice cream. You should have the common sense to buy from someone reliable and well known among the ice cream suppliers. This supplier should be dependable as a supplier that delivers a good product on time and is available when everyone else is fresh out of it. Reliability is hard to find, but it’s not impossible to locate.

Since we are living in a country that is well-known about its dairy quality. You could consider buying some of those well-known franchisees in New Zealand. Although you will need to have a decent amount of sum for those franchisees, you will get a kick start and well support from the franchisors.

If you decide to open an ice cream parlor, be warned that it’s not easy. But if you put your mind to it, anything’s possible.

Serdar Kabul

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