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How to Open and Run a Bar

If you’re determined to open a bar there are a few things that you need to be aware of to do so. There is a to-do list that you need to follow to make sure that you have the basics right. However, there’s a lot more that you need to know in order to make your place of business unique and to attract the most lucrative clientele. Here are a few things that you need to absolutely be aware of to make it in the bar business.

Decide What type of Bar to Open

You need to decide what kind of bar you want to open. If you want to open your regular neighborhood bar which is found in many neighborhoods in NZ, you need to make sure that your bar has the atmosphere of one where people can come to relax and get away from home. You need to also make sure that you establish a rapport with the regulars to encourage a more homely atmosphere.

If you want to open a sports bar or a beer bar then your focus should be on providing more options and food rather than atmosphere, though that is certainly a factor. For the former you should focus on getting a great TV and required subscriptions for football, rugby or cricket and get more snacks and beverages that are served at a game rather than in a bar. For the latter you should get some great options to mix it up and get all kinds of options that can be found in a high-end bar.

Identify Business Structure

If you have the money and the concept down and you’re ready to get in to action, you need to decide what plan of action to follow. You could buy an existing bar, buy in to a franchise or you could build your own. For the purchase of an existing bar, you need to do your research before taking over. You could become a regular at the bar you want to buy and strike up conversations with the customers. You need to find out what impressions people have of the place and what customers are saying about the atmosphere and food and the general cleanliness of the place.

For creating your own bar, you need to move according to your budget. You need to scout what kind of bars are popular around the area, what kind of architecture they have, and you need to sit down with architects so that you get the best advice on what kind of bar to build for the best returns and the best atmosphere.

Sort out the Paperwork

You should make sure that you’ve done all the legal paperwork and have ironed out all the wrinkles in your agreements, so they don’t pose a problem. You should ask for permission from the local council to set up a bar and make sure that no agencies object. You should also visit the building and safety department before you start constructing or remodeling so that you save a lot of money on redoing your plans. And finally, you should register your bar’s name, so it doesn’t clash with any other’s brand or copyright.

Because of all those legal parts of setting up a bar, some people like to purchase an existing one which gives them a more secured option and less risk choice.

You need to find out which patch is the most suitable one for your situation.

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